POSITION:                            Feeder/Packer

DEPARTMENT:                     Forming

REPORTS TO:                      Forming Manager


The Feeder/Packer is responsible for feeding the gluer, packing products in accordance with customer specifications and

quality standards, and sorting defects. He/She must consistently and efficiently perform and follow procedures in compliance to company, customer, and ISO standards.


     Flip and sort prior to filling feeder.

     Feed gluer and keep feeder full.

     Monitor gluer and mirrors for line jams and other problems.

     Clear minor line jams.

     Consistently inspect the finished product for quality prior to packing.

     Notify operator of defects and nonconforming gluing quality.

     Manually pack the good finished product into shipping cartons in compliance with customer specifications.

     Learn how to pack for various customers.

     Verify case count and appearance.

     Understand quality issues and sort for defects.

     Understand the different types of board (i.e. mylar vs. white).

     Stamp initials on the finished case, after a thorough inspection, with a stamper supplied by the company.

     Responsible for line clearance in his/her area.

     Keep area clean and organized. Empty trash bins, sweep around the gluers, pick up empty pa llets around gluing department and take them to the proper location.

     Performs other job duties as assigned by management or lead person.

     Consistently attentive to quality throughout manufacturing process.


Must learn and comply with all safety rules; reference to employee handbook.


     Ability to work independently and as part of a team with a high level of initiative and flexibility.

     Capable of understanding technical customer requirements.

     Ability to work in a high stress environment to meet customer delivery dates.

     Constantly produces high quality work and maintain established production standards.


     High school education or GED required.

     Proficient level of English – Verbal & Written

     Ability to read and understand a Job Bag.

     Must have basic math skills.

     Must be attentive to detail.

     Excellent manual dexterity.

     Must be able to stand for long periods of time and perform repetitive manual tasks with frequent rotations.

     Must be able to comprehend and follow all job procedures and safety protocols.

Source: New Job Orders