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I have no clue what staffing is. What is a staffing firm?

Good question! Well, a staffing firm functions as the bridge that brings together candidates and companies together. Basically, we match you with the best job for you. Agile Workplace Staffing is a staffing firm that acts as your career partner in helping you find the right opportunity in the market. Unlike other companies, we take the time to listen intently to what you want and need because we know that job and culture fit is essential to your satisfaction. That’s why we’re different from other staffing firms. We’re not concerned about making placements, our priority is finding you a work environment that makes you happy and is conducive for your career growth.

What does it mean to work through a staffing firm?

Working through a staffing firm simply means that instead of looking for a job yourself, a staffing firm will do all the work for you. Traditionally, candidates would have to manually search for job openings online or on foot, and then submit their applications to the HR department. By partnering with a staffing firm, you can skip all that process. You’ll simply send over your application and cover letter, give a description of the salary range, benefits, and company culture you want, and then wait for your recruiter’s call about your interview schedule.

Is it better to look for a job through a staffing firm?

Because staffing firms have a database of clients and job openings, you’re most likely going to find a job faster and easier versus having to manually search the job market yourself. The main benefit of using a staffing agency to find a job is that you don’t need to start from scratch, instead you’re simply matched with the opportunity that fits your skills and requirements best. Plus, some staffing agencies, like Agile Workplace Staffing, even provide hands-on guidance on how you can best navigate your application process to increase your chances of securing the job.

How do I get a job with Agile Workplace Staffing?

Getting a job with us is easy! You can check out our job opportunities here and apply for the job you want. As soon as we get your application, one of our recruiters will get in touch with you! If you can’t find a job that fits you, we highly recommend you still reach out to us. You can drop us a line here.

What services does Agile Workplace Staffing provide?

We help you prepare for your next opportunity; whether it’s reviewing and preparing your resume, providing feedback, or building an ongoing relationship with you to ensure that our opportunities coincide with your interests, expertise, and career goals. Let our team of experienced industry professionals network and identify rewarding opportunities to help you reach your career goals.

What type of jobs do have available?

Agile WPS helps put your skills and experience to work by matching you with great clients within Engineering, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Distribution, and Life Sciences. We provide long-term and short-term temporary projects, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire positions to meet your career needs at every level: Junior-level to Senior Management level positions.

What benefits do staffing firms offer?

Benefits differ from one staffing firm to another, but with Agile Workplace Staffing, you’ll always get a competitive hourly rate and, rest assured, we have excellent benefits that can significantly increase your total compensation.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Health insurance options
Dental Coverage
Service bonus
Referral bonus
Direct deposit

How long do assignments last?

Assignments can vary, some last weeks, months or even years. But don’t worry, we will let you know the approximate length of the assignment before presenting any opportunities.

Can I get hired by the company you send me to for a temporary assignment?

Absolutely! Many of our clients consider hiring their temporary workforce to satisfy an internal staffing need before recruiting outside of their organization. It brings us great joy and honor when one of our associates makes a great impact at our clients and are seen as assets.

Who is the best staffing firm? Why should I choose Agile Workplace Staffing over other staffing firms?

We are unapologetic about transparency. So, while we’re at the subject, we can’t say that anyone is the best in the field unless we know what standard you’re using to measure “best”. What we can say is this: We’re different because we don’t hide anything from our candidates. When we say we champion transparency, we mean it. Overglamorized or watered-down job descriptions are things our candidates don’t have to worry about. When you give us the privilege of being your career partner, we make sure that you know exactly what’s going on in your application, what the actual job is and its scope, the benefits you can expect, plus any other question you may throw our way. With us, there are no blindside and definitely no unpleasant surprises. We believe that’s the best way our candidates can truly be matched with the right job opportunity.

What benefits do staffing firms offer?

No matter the client you are actively working with, Agile Workplace Staffing is always your primary employer.


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