Many companies can be seen adopting artificial intelligence (AI) in their processes for efficiency and sustainability. How do company culture and technology overlap?   

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as how machines mimic “human thinking through programming experiences and reactions into codes for tasks, such as learning and problem-solving.” Facets of AI include machine learning, deep learning, customer relationship management platforms, cybersecurity operations, and the creation of digital personal assistants.  

Internet and data research efforts benefit from AI by providing valuable recommendations for increasing profit and efficiently serving customers. Other companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Spotify are only some that have benefited from artificial intelligence. These companies have been able to use AI for data mining to predictive models, giving them an edge to increase their profit margins. 


Company Growth With Artificial Intelligence 

MIT conducted a study on the cultural benefits of implementing AI solutions. Results show how teams agree that AI positively influences collective learning, clarity of roles, collaboration, and morale. Your business will benefit further by integrating AI into your company culture, as shown below: 


Operational Sustainability through Innovation  

Perceptions and processes of the human mind can be faulty at times. With AI, your business can expect new ideas that can help advance the company’s goals. By analyzing data to be fed to your future AI systems, you can see directions for addressing existing and repeating issues in your processes.     

A National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) study discussed how AI has been leading the way in innovating products and processes in different fields of research and even medicine.    

Existing systems and processes that you have may be causing your employees more stress than you know. This vicious cycle can prevent them from reaching their needed KPIs and lead to employee burnout.  

Integrating AI into your company culture can help you see which areas can be addressed better in performance management to help your business yield better profits and improve your employees’ efficiency.   


Company Culture is Enhanced 

Company culture improvements can be backed with AI. AI can further analyze assessments conducted within the company, considering employees are its internal customers. The reports can determine which areas of the company’s culture need to be moderated, stopped, or celebrated.  

Machine learning can help companies understand corporate culture. According to the study, with machine learning, company culture impacts changes in the business. Leaders can better predict and understand business performance, profitability, and employee engagement through AI. 


Collaborations are Encouraged  

With AI, the collaborations are friendlier compared to the traditional vertical ones. Those that can prevent people from expressing their worries and difficulties with existing processes and systems may find a hierarchical arrangement counterproductive. Your employees may resort to not expressing the difficulty they are experiencing for fear of being accused of insubordination.   

Your employees can make more use of AI processes by ensuring that higher-level tasks are left to be done by humans. AI can allow for more streamlined communication, ensuring that information is shared with those who need to know. 


Human Connections are Emphasized 

The technologies we use in our processes are still products of human ingenuity. Humans crave and live for connection. The popularity of social media and parasocial connections proves that human interaction matters greatly, even in the digital age.  

Using AI in your company will require working and emphasizing the value of human connection and interaction among employees. Machine and deep learning can help analyze the methods that your employees need to establish or strengthen their bonds within the company. 


Deeper Level of Service of the Company 

Many companies, probably including yours, did not start with only the goal of earning. Instead, they begin with a sense of purpose to fill the need or want of a target market for a product or service.  

Artificial intelligence can help give you better insights into how you can better improve your service or products for your intended market. Many employees will want to stay in a company with strong core values. Machine and deep learning can help shed light on the more vulnerable side of the company that connects to your market on a deeper level. 


How To Prepare For The Changes With Artificial Intelligence 

The advent of AI calls for a need to change traditional models and business plans. To be competitive, targeting just profit will not be enough. Here are ways you can adapt to changes driven by AI sooner rather than later. 


Learn More About Businesses that Use and Do Not Use Artificial Intelligence 

Not all businesses are equipped to use AI in their processes. To know which areas in your business can use AI, familiarize yourself with business plans and models that employ or do not. Gather as much information as possible to preempt making any mistakes newbies in the AI game make. 


Provide Staff with Opportunities to Learn Artificial Intelligence 

These opportunities to learn AI can be done independently or with a little push from your management. Open-source learning opportunities are also available for those interested. Additionally, you can boost your staff’s eagerness to learn AI by giving them incentives when they take or complete qualifications online or offline. 


Encourage Managers/Supervisors to Study Artificial Intelligence  

Your management staff will set a good example for their subordinates if they bravely pursue new territories. This can motivate your staff greatly when they know that their heads of departments understand the concepts of artificial intelligence. Your managers and supervisors are better role models to your staff when they are familiar with concepts that are usually deemed difficult.  


Be Open to Extracting Information Without Bias 

The data you will gather from internal research can predict better profitability models or internal customer enhancements. Know which questions to ask first before analyzing the data at hand. Make sure that no conclusion is forced only to address the question you want to be answered but explore other options to gather data for that specific question instead. 


Approach Artificial Intelligence as a Team 

For any venture to be successful requires teamwork. No one person can handle data gathering to data analyses. No one team can give insights into the whole company’s processes. Valuing the insights and contributions of other company members will preserve the bonds created and give your employees a sense of trust. 



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