How do you keep yourself engaged in today’s workplace?   

Employee engagement correlates to the level of commitment, productivity, and connection that you render to your company. Therefore, how you stay engaged and committed is one of the most vital factors for a company’s success in today’s competitive world of work.   

Employees with high engagement tend to stay longer, perform extremely well in the organization, and relate well with colleagues and stakeholders. 

Engaged Versus Disengaged Employees 

Do you tend to shine when it comes to productivity and performance? Are you instrumental in the success of your organization?  

Naturally, there is a world of difference between highly engaged employees and those who are not. For instance, studies show that disengaged employees feel no connection to their jobs and only do the bare minimum. As a result, they are not active contributors to the company. Usually, disengaged employees only have a 9-to-5 mindset.  

More often, they are not inclined to participate in social events outside the office or interact enthusiastically with their colleagues. Worse, since they resent their work, they tend to dampen the other employees’ morale by regularly complaining about work.  

How To Stay Motivated at Work Post-Pandemic 

The disruption brought by the pandemic to the world of work presents brand new challenges for employees on how to keep themselves engaged at work, wherever you may be working from.  

The post-pandemic workplace put in the mainstream long-term remote work. Many companies have allowed their employees to work from home for the long term or while the pandemic is still ongoing. While this has cut costs and time on the part of the employees, it presents real challenges in the other important aspects of work. 

The struggle is indeed real for employees and job candidates.   

For instance, how do you keep yourself engaged at work when you do not even see them? What should energize you to work when you are actually at home, in your pajamas, or sitting in your living room with a cup of tea? Still, what helps you feel included at work when you are physically cut off from your colleagues and cannot be mentored by your supervisor? 

If you have been asked to return onsite, how do you embrace the new normal and stay engaged at work when the pandemic is still in the midst of everyone? In the case of hybrid workers, how do you stay motivated to work when you are in your physical office thrice a week while working at home for the remainder of the time?   

You need to confront these challenges and keep yourself motivated in the era of the Great Resignation. But how do you even begin? Let us count the ways. 

Tips on Keeping Yourself Motivated and Engaged 

1. Master tools that you need to succeed at work regardless of where you are.  

According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report of 2021, one of the simplest yet surest ways of motivating yourself is by mastering the infrastructure and processes that you need to succeed. This could be as simple as making sure that your work area is comfortable, beautiful, and one that inspires productivity.  

When work becomes stressful or too busy, it helps that your workplace channels creativity, collaboration, and inspiration. If you are working remotely, ensure that your laptop has all the apps needed for you to do your work and connect with your colleagues.  


2. Reach out to your superiors often.  

A study published in the Harvard Business Review stated that a good leader gives plenty of room to be silent and listen to what an employee has to say. Hence, make it a habit to talk to your boss often. You will feel more engaged if you maintain an open line of communication with your superiors. 

If your boss seems too busy, exert effort to update him periodically. Learn to ask the right questions and establish a clear picture of what your superiors want to achieve for their department and their team – which includes you. This forwards collaboration and the promotion of shared goals. Shared goals give you a greater understanding of your purpose and keep you focused at work.  


3. Participate in training programs to improve your skills and capabilities. 

A recent study showed that 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies deliberately plan on training and mentoring programs for their employees. Furthermore, these companies correlate their training programs with higher employee engagement and are therefore seen as paramount to the company’s success. 

This is why it is important for you to always seek avenues at work to improve and widen your skillset. If your company does not have sufficient programs, go ahead and demand them, as these training programs are essential for you and your company’s mutual benefit. 


4. Spend time with your work colleagues. 

There is wisdom in knowing your work colleagues as people. Spend time with them over a cup of coffee. Talk to them about anything non-work related during short breaks. Invest time in them during regular breaks through a night out or an outdoor event. Linger a bit in the boardroom after team meetings. A pleasant working relationship with colleagues makes you look forward to reporting to work daily. 

Studies show that spending time with your colleagues and even your superiors on activities that are not work-related allows you and them to get a fresh perspective about company culture, teamwork, and camaraderie – which are all attributes that positively impact your motivation towards work. 


5. Accept compliments as a measure of a job well done.   

Multiple studies have shown that being generous with praise in the workplace boosts an employee’s confidence and motivation to do even better. This is why there should be room for you to relish good feedback given to you by your superiors and even by your colleagues.  

 While criticism could be stinging, you must also learn that praise given to you must be accepted graciously but should also be taken seriously. You are doing a good job – and you DESERVE to be praised for it! So, take it in and use it as a catalyst to do even better. 



Keeping yourself engaged and motivated may be challenging in this day and age. However, there are several ways to keep yourself focused on the bigger picture and the company’s goals. Try these five basic tips and see what works for you. 

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