The past few years saw a constant growth of the gig economy. With workers shifting to a setup with fewer constraints, you may find staffing firms less beneficial. However, if you look the other way, staffing agencies remain the go-to means for employment. They continue to hold high standards for providing jobs to professionals. 

With priorities and mindsets of employees in constant change, you may have seen a friend or previous colleague in a new gig. You might have asked: is freelancing really worth it? On the other hand, if your workmate changed career paths by enlisting under a staffing firm, you’d ask the same thing about staffing firms. 

This blog aims to dissect the advantages and disadvantages of finding work via freelancing and under the wing of staffing firms. This way, you can weigh your decision and discern which is the better field to take your next step on your career path. 


1. Available Jobs


Freelancing is gaining traction as more employees shift to it. If you’re only beginning to find your career or have planned to shift to freelancing, there are plenty of jobs you can choose from.

Pro: Freelancing websites have pages of jobs waiting for applicants like you to stumble upon. Some employers even cater to workers aiming to take jobs with little to no experience. 

Con: Having hundreds of jobs to choose from does not guarantee a position for you. You are left to your own resources, which means you will be doing the job hunting on your own. This is tricky since some people pose as legitimate companies to acquire projects from freelancers and money from companies. 

Staffing Firms 

Before freelancing happened, employment was through staffing agencies. Their experience in the market can give you confidence in finding jobs. Additionally, their expertise with employee-employer relationships will assure you that the job you will land is where you will grow. 

Pro: You will have someone to back you up when looking for a job. Staffing firms have numerous company affiliations and various full-time work to choose from. You only need to show up and present yourself professionally. 

Con: There are requirements you must comply with to work with staffing firms. Although some may find this tedious, it assures the staffing firm and employer that you are competent enough. 


2. Competition


There is an abundance of short-term employees, so you may feel both encouraged and scared to enter the fast-paced marketplace of the gig economy.

Pro: The demand for freelancers is high because more employees want to hire them. Also, although rare, you can find some freelancers helping other freelancers. 

Con: There is currently a large (and growing) number of freelance workers. So, you’ll have to compete with those in the same field as yours. Some of them even have a larger skill set and are more experienced. 

Staffing Firms 

There are other applicants like you who are eyeing to be part of staffing agencies as this allows for easier access to stronger possibilities. 

Pro: You will be assured that firms will accommodate every applicant’s needs, including yours. This may be your salary, the workplace, or the work environment. This is while they guarantee each applicant’s goals do not overlap. 

Con: Firms may have a first-come, first-served basis, which means it will take some time before your papers get processed, as they tend to the needs of other applicants too. \


3. Nature of Employers


You are presented with an array of work options, which means different employers offer these jobs. This will open doors to more opportunities but also higher risks.  

Pro: There are fewer confines in the gig economy. One of the advantages of working with a staffing firm is that you can be a freelance video editor residing in a particular country while your boss is in another area, paying you with a different currency.  

Con: There are only two people you have contact with. It would either be the AI from the freelance app or the employers themselves once you pass their requirements. This means that you will not know how your boss will act and handle situations until you have reached the end of the application process or have formed a contract with them.  

Staffing Firms 

Staffing firms reach out to different companies daily. Thus, with both administrators in an agreement, applicants like you can stand on firm and professional contracts.  

Pro: They will not compromise the name of their firm with illegitimate or unprofessional companies. The benefit of working with a staffing agency is that you can be sure your future employers will fulfill their end of the bargain regarding salary, benefits, and other responsibilities.  

Con: Often, staffing firms will resort to companies who already have a name for themselves. This means that even if you want to, you may be less likely to be a part of startup companies with a high potential in the future. 


4. Peer Support


Those who work alone often struggle alone. Peer support can be a double-edged sword for freelancers, especially those just starting their careers. 

Pro: You are forced to be independent. This brings a sense of urgency and responsibility in you that no one else will help raise your skills and intellect. You are taught to be strong mentally and emotionally right away.  

Con: Being alone in the freelance community, gig workers usually only have the Internet as their reference. The closest person you can contact would be other part-timers in the same job. The problem is that there is no assurance they will share the same information that may give them an edge. 

Staffing Firms 

The power of staffing agencies lies within its people, and while the people succeed, the firms do, too. However, a balance between learning how to work alone and working with peers must be maintained. 

Pro: Someone will advocate for you in the workplace. You will need all the help you can get since you are in an unfamiliar place with a new job. The goal of staffing firms is to ensure you find a place where you will grow. 

Con: You may find yourself dependent on this support. With access to help, some people would be complacent and not find their own ways to thrive independently.  


5. Marketplace Insider Information


The Internet is a deep well for information. This is convenient for gig workers who plan to acquire as much knowledge as quickly as possible, but you would have to filter which helps and which doesn’t.  

Pro: No one will restrain the information you acquire. Almost everything is on the Internet, from interview answers to how you maintain a professional outlook. If you work hard enough, you may even find information some people don’t know. 

Con: Freelance jobs are rarely stable and available for too long. In freelancing, you will be the only one to look out for the next job or determine the next career trend you can jump onto.  

Staffing Firms 

Staffing agencies cater to many applicants, which means the experience of those who worked before is the knowledge they can use to further other people’s careers. 

Pro: Being understaffing firms means you get to share with every source of information they have their hands on. You have access to firsthand experience and peer-reviewed facts which can help rocket your career. On the internet, information will be laid out, but within firms, it will be personalized enough to suit every candidate. 

Con: While the goal of staffing firms is to direct you on your next path, you’re also bound by their rules when looking for jobs. They can only keep their end of the bargain if you make sure to comply with their rules and requirements. 



While there are pros to finding work via freelancing, facing obstacles in a volatile environment can be challenging. The job of staffing firms is to ensure you’re guided in navigating job search and onboarding, so you can find a good place to start your career and reach further places. 

Your job is as personal as any other aspect of your life. We want to make sure that you grow in and with it. To equip you with the know-how for career decisions and comfort in your workplace is what our organization stands for. If you’re looking for your next job, Agile Workplace Staffing has got you covered. Contact us now to find the work that best suits you.