Finding the right company can make all the difference in your career as an engineer. Sure, there are tons of companies that offer job openings out there. However, how would you know if a company is the right match for you? 

This is where you can find the help of staffing companies valuable. Agile Workplace Staffing (Agile WPS), for example, has an Agile Power Network or APN that serves as a database of candidates and employers for access to opportunities. 

In this article, we take a closer look and discuss why you should consider the help of a staffing company and how you can benefit from an Agile Power Network as an engineer. 


Why Consider a Staffing Company?  

The primary purpose of partnering with a staffing firm is to make your job search more efficient and improve your chances of landing the perfect role. A staffing agency can provide you with access to its network of clients, saving you a lot of time and effort in your job search. It can also help you create a strong resume and prepare for interviews.  

There are many other reasons why you should consider working with a staffing agency as an engineer. Here are some of them:  

  • Industry expertise and guidance. Staffing agencies have industry experts who can provide you with the latest information on job openings, salaries, and trends.  
  • Access to exclusive job opportunities. Most staffing agencies have access to exclusive job opportunities that are not always advertised. When you partner with a staffing company, you can get hired by some of the best employers in the country.  
  • Support throughout the job search process. Partnering with a staffing firm lets you skip the usual application procedures. You only need to submit your application and cover letter and provide the salary range, benefits, and corporate culture you desire. Then, wait for your recruiter to contact you for the next steps. 


What is Agile Power Network and Why is It Important for Engineers 

In its simplest form, an Agile Power Network is a directory of the client network. APN is set to grow with Agile WPS’ continuing task of establishing a more robust customer pipeline for the engineering sector.  

It’s a useful tool for a staffing firm like Agile WPS to ensure candidates get the best job opportunities available in the engineering job market. It helps you find the proper job match for your skills and experience.  


Benefits of Using Agile Power Network  

Agile Power Network is the perfect choice for engineers looking for a staffing agency that can help them find their dream job. Here are some key benefits of using this power network: 

  1. Hyper-Focused Matching

Through Agile Power Network, recruiters know what candidates want better in terms of benefits, career path, and goals. APN recruiters can then propose job openings that meet the candidate’s requirements and preferences. The hyper-focused matching ensures that job offers presented to candidates fit perfectly and help improve their career prospects for the job they want. 

The Staffing Agency also conducts background checks on the clients and candidates in its networks. Same way, Agile WPS’s candidates are also assured that the companies they applied to, and eventually hired into, are considered top-tier companies in their respective fields.   

  1. Comparative Analysis

The Agile Power Network has a solid reputation for partnering with some of the leading companies in the engineering sector. Since you’ll have many options, APN recruiters can provide you with a comparative analysis of companies, so you can make an informed decision. You can then be assured that the company you enter is what you are looking for. 

  1. Better Benefits

Agile WPS uses information through APN to ensure that hired engineers are paid a fair hourly rate. It also offers benefits that can significantly boost your total compensation. You can enjoy 401(k) plan, health insurance option, referral bonus, service bonus, and more. 

  1. Career Coach or Manager

You can benefit from industry experts and guidance, so you can navigate the job market expertly. As an Agile Power Network candidate, you will be part of Agile WPS’ talent pool. This means Agile WPS will act as your career coach or manager to help you find the right opportunity in the engineering market. The Agile WPS team listens to its candidates intently to find out the job and culture fit that will make them happy and contented.  

  1. Fast Work Placement

Agile Power Network has access to the most sought-after engineering positions. The staffing firm works hard to connect the candidates with these roles as quickly as possible. Agile understands that engineers need stability in their careers, so it does everything to help you find a great job fast.  

  1. Excellent Tracking of Engineers’ Redeployment Record

Through Agile Power Network, Agile WPS keeps an excellent track record of redeploying its engineers to new positions. This ensures that each and every assignment of its candidates is successful. Aside from that, Agile WPS also ensures that the engineers in its Agile Power Network remain qualified and competent.  

  1. Better Chance of Getting Jobs from Partner Companies 

Agile WPS works closely with its partner companies to ensure that the engineers it endorses have a better chance of getting hired. Agile WPS’s rigorous vetting process and expert guidance will give you an edge over other candidates. This can give you more significant opportunities for career success. 

  1. Transparency During Application 

Agile WPS values its partnership with the candidates within the Agile Power Network. That’s why it will help you with every step of the application process with its partner companies. Agile WPS will let its candidates know their application students with the company they are applying to. They are also committed to ensuring that candidates are evaluated and will be trained if needed to ensure that they fit the job as well as they should.   



Agile WPS understands that candidates’ career goals and objectives may change over time, so it continuously works to find better job opportunities for engineers in its network. Join the Agile Power Network today and start enjoying all of its benefits as an engineer. With this powerful resource on your side, you can be confident that your next job will be what you want and need. 

With Agile WPS’s vast experience in matching talents with the right opportunities, you can be confident that your next job will help you grow and succeed in your field. So don’t wait any longer – sign up now to start enjoying all of Agile WPS’s excellent benefits!