If you need to fill entry-level engineering jobs, it can be hard to find the right person with all the skills you need as quickly as you would like. This is where an Agile Power Network comes in handy. With Agile Power Network, you can build connections with passive candidates who may not have known they wanted to join your company before discovering it through this network. 

Learn how this resource can further help you hire top-notch professionals and expand your hiring pool to reach prospective hires.  


What is the Agile Power Network? 

The Agile Power Network is Agile Workplace Staffing’s (Agile WPS) candidate pipeline database that connects the best people and employers. It provides on-demand access to a pipeline of fully vetted, highly qualified candidates who were handpicked as the best and brightest in the talent pool. When you tap into this network, you’ll get access to a web of opportunities.

Why Connect with Entry-Level Engineers? 

If you need candidates who can support main operations, improve company processes, and offer fresh ideas that can positively impact your bottom line, then entry-level engineers are the best match for you.

How Can the Agile Power Network Help You Find the Best Hire? 

Most of the time, finding the best hire is tough. You can post about job openings on social media, but they are left unnoticed. You can benefit from an Agile Power Network through the following: 


  1. Hyper-Focused and Strategic Talent Sourcing

The Agile Power Network is created with strategic talent sourcing in mind. Whatever your needs are, this network will provide the support you need to create a talent acquisition strategy, This enables you to get unbridled access to a steady stream of candidates for each and every long-term or temporary vacancy you need to fill.  

In almost any vertical in the engineering and light industry, the Agile Power Network ensures that you get the right person for the job. Our hyper-focused talent search efforts can identify the ideal candidate profile you need based on your specifications. 

Moreover, the Agile Power Network also performs a competitive analysis. It provides comparative profiles by gathering relevant information, such as the skills you need and skills that candidates possess, to ensure optimal job fit. This also helps you build a robust compensation package and a resource allocation plan through our salary benchmarks.  


  1. Pre-Screened, Pre-Vetted, and Certified Candidates

Every employer has a unique set of requirements: that is a fact. A candidate who can thrive in one organization may not do well in another. This is where Agile Power Network is positioned to handle a wide range of pre-employment screenings and testing. 

Through this process, you can be sure that the candidates on the Agile Power Network database are hand-picked as the best at what they do, the best choice for your specific needs, and the most prepared to contribute to the growth of your organization.  


  1. Background-Checked-Ready Candidates

Agile WPS can also conduct a wide range of assessments, from federal to local background checks. On top of that, drug testing checks can also be provided. These are all to ensure that the candidates you meet are lawful, trusted, and reliable, on top of being certified and skilled.  

The Agile Power Network gives you the peace of mind that you’ll never have to deal with adherence issues that may potentially lead to delays or losing talent. 


  1. Fast Placement

One big obstacle that an internal team must overcome is allocating sufficient time and resources to perusing multiple candidate applications to find the perfect person for a role. With the Agile Power Network, our market expertise gives your organization a distinct competitive advantage to find and hire engineers and light industry professionals onto your team as fast as possible. 

The Agile Power Network’s hyper-focused talent sourcing cuts down the time you’d have to spend waiting for the perfect match. Agile WPS’s specialized delivery processes have been optimized to help you get your ideal candidate profile in one to three days, which means they get placed in your team in as fast as two weeks. 


  1. No Need for Sponsorship

All of the candidates in the Agile Power Network pipeline are certified to work in the United States without sponsorship. Wherever they may be coming in from, you can rest assured that they are ready to take on the roles you need to fill and start as soon as possible.  

This also gives you the bonus of allocating the resources usually spent on sponsoring candidates to other things, which are equally important. 


  1. Excellent Redeployment Records

When we say that the Agile Power Network’s candidate pipeline is made up of excellent, qualified, and competent engineers and light industry professionals, we mean it! The Agile Power Network also keeps track of candidate redeployment records to ensure that each and every assignment was successful.  


  1. Exclusive Access to Untapped Talent Pools

The Agile Power Network’s candidate pipeline is comprised of highly-qualified professionals who are not accessible through other means such as job boards or job forums. The database contains passive candidates who are exclusively accessible through the network. 

Agile builds long-lasting partnerships with candidates and most of them stay on for years. These thoughtful relationships empower and transcend any communication barriers and empowers Agile to fill vacancies quickly. 


  1. Transparency

Agile builds long-lasting partnerships with clients as well, and in turn, we value what is important to you. Agile Workplace Staffing works with you every step of the way. You’ll also get full transparency as we measure and report key performance indicators that matter to you and your organization.  

These will include qualified referrals per role and time to hire. We are driven to stay agile, and curating the best experience for you is done through evaluation and improvements in full transparency. 


Prepare to Lead New Generations of Talent 

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) President John Anderson said that we’re living in a time when we need a new generation of talented and diverse engineers to help rebuild the economy. Not only do entry-level engineers bring hope, but they also bring their youthful spirit, teachable minds, ambition, and determination to your organization. 

As employers, it’s now up to you to nurture and develop these entry-level engineers into the best they can be, while also taking the same journey towards growth and scaling your business. 



In today’s candidate-centric labor market, we understand the struggles of attracting and retaining top-tier talent in the engineering and light industry. Agile Workplace Staffing has made a pipeline of handpicked engineers accessible to you. Leave the talent sourcing to us!  

We provide high-touch end-to-end sourcing services, from vetting to profiling and getting the best talent on your team as fast as possible. Whether you need temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire engineers and light industrial professionals, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start creating a strategic talent sourcing plan uniquely tailored to your needs. Connect with Agile WPS and tap into the Agile Power Network today!