Standing out from the crowd in today’s competitive hiring market can be difficult. This is most especially true if you don’t know what technical things you should focus on to stand out from the competition. Hence, using the right hiring strategy can make or break your chances of filling job positions effectively and quickly.

To find the right people to fill out your team, you need to be sure that you’re approaching the market in the best way possible. You must be utilizing tactics that not only get the word out about your open jobs but also entice the right professionals to apply. 

How to Attract Top Talent

Here are some tips on how you can attract engineers in the current hiring market.

1. Develop an Engaging Employer Brand

Creating an engaging employer brand that echoes a consistent message is important to surviving and thriving as an engineering recruiter. An employer brand isn’t just what you tell candidates when they ask about your company. It encompasses every message that touches their eyes or ears.

Posters on campus are part of your employer brand. Your emails are part of your employer brand. Your corporate website is part of your employer brand—so is every page on that site. It’s the culmination of all the factors that make your business unique from a candidate’s point of view.

Focus as well on creating the kind of work atmosphere your team members can thrive in. Engineers will be looking for employers that demonstrate a strong level of trust and respect for their employees. Let your candidates know! Share specific practices that set your company apart, such as brainstorming sessions, team-building activities, and personal and professional growth opportunities. 

Pro Tip: Your employer brand stands out in more than just your recruitment efforts. You can also feature employee ambassador stories on your website to give candidates an idea of what it’s like to work with you. Post pictures of employee activities and awards on social media platforms. Showcase your very own engineering opportunities through local and international industry events.

2. Define Your Company Culture and Give Your Candidates Purpose

One best way to stand out is by communicating effectively with candidates about your company’s culture and shared purpose within your organization. A clearly defined company culture makes top professionals more invested in your business. It also gives them a sense of purpose: an insight into how they fit into your organization’s big picture.

On top of weighing in terms of salaries and benefits, employees today hunt for a purpose as well. Engineers are problem-solvers and critical thinkers with a creative flair. They are passionate about bringing solutions to complex problems. Thus, they want to know that their efforts drive a positive impact in the long run. 

Having your candidates share the same vision and goals as your company can make them choose to work with you over others. Share the change you want to see in the world, and for sure, you’ll get candidates as enthusiastic as you are about the work you do.

3. Come Up With Benefits Beyond Salary

A significant selling point as a recruiter is offering engineering candidates something that’s difficult to get anywhere else: an environment where they’ll truly learn, grow and thrive. To create that environment—and position yourself as a top-notch hiring market expert—you must take steps to ensure your business meets your engineers’ needs even beyond paychecks.

Sometimes, engineers have trouble differentiating between you as a recruiter and other human resources (HR) representatives. Think about benefits beyond salary to make yourself stand out from other recruiters or HR reps. For example, can you offer high-performing employees flexible hours? How about more time off? Or opportunities to work alongside leading mentors in their field? 

Making sure that your candidates can experience a good work-life balance with room for professional growth is not only a unique offering. It is also an investment into the future abilities of your team. They can go a long way toward making your company look like an exciting place to work.

4. Don’t Wait for a 100% Match — Be Flexible Instead

It is a fact that engineers are in high demand right now. Thinking outside of the box includes being realistic about what you can expect from your recruitment efforts. At first, it might seem easier to hire someone who’s an exact match, but it’s usually better to take a step back and look at all of your options. 

After all, if you have found an engineer who has 80 percent of the skills you’re looking for who also shares your company’s values and expectations, they may well end up being a better fit than waiting for an unavailable 100% skill match. You can always provide additional training to help them acquire skills. Invest in your employees, and they just might help you save some time and money in the long run.

Waiting for a miracle hire is one of the worst things to do for your recruitment strategy. So, make sure to close the hire quickly once you find a potential engineer for your open role. Always keep in mind that in today’s hiring market, competitor companies are looking for the same talent as you are.

5. Prepare to Lead New Generations of Talent

From an engineering standpoint, we’re living in a truly unique time. Never before have engineers had so many resources available to them. The market is flooded with new and innovative tools, techniques, and other assets. 

How can you build an engineering team that makes great products together and leads through innovation at a time when younger generations (millennials and Gen Z) are entering the workforce? They bring with them not only a youthful spirit but also a whole new perspective on working. Therefore, companies need recruiters who can recognize these new generations’ needs, prepare themselves to lead a new wave of talented professionals, and tackle challenges that come with managing them.

Make sure that your leadership team is aware of the unique needs of younger employees and knows how to keep them engaged. For example, youth today majorly focused on social justice issues, company culture, and technology. This signals a huge difference in social behaviors, which can also present an opportunity to innovate on company culture initiatives. 

6. Work With a Specialized Recruiter

As your company grows, you must work with recruiters who understand how your specific technical hiring market works. With any kind of engineering professional you’re seeking, a premier engineering staffing agency like Agile WPS can find the right engineer for your unique business needs. 

Pro Tip: Leave it to the experts! In today’s competitive hiring market, don’t exhaust all your efforts on recruiting alone. Instead, by collaborating with a trusted and reliable staffing agency, you can focus more on scaling your business and cultivating your team into the best that it can be!


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