The possibilities for engineers are endless. With their capability to design and build anything, it is no wonder why engineers are in-demand all the time. Indeed, having an engineer in your workforce is invaluable. Imagine having an in-house engineer, a team even, who can come up with solutions for various design and build problems of your organization. More so, having a product design engineer will leverage what the company sells and caters to its clients. 

However, getting product design engineers on board with your company is still a challenging feat. Moreover, attracting this particular demographic of professionals will entail tweaking traditional hiring tactics and involving more than just your recruitment team. 

Have a look at the following suggestions on hiring a product design engineer and see which one will fit well into how your organization handles recruiting them. 

Treat hiring the same way with marketing and sales.

With marketing and sales, the goal is to convince customers and clients to use your company’s products and services. So, naturally, you will highlight the benefits of what your organization offers and what kind of assistance they can get from you. 

What if you adopt the same strategy to your recruitment process? Instead of conveying a statement that goes, “We need product design engineers,” why not recalibrate the message into, “You will want to work with us.” Go beyond selling the company to your potential hires into upselling the employment experience of a product design engineer with your organization.

To infuse marketing and sales principles into hiring a product design engineer, consider the following:

  • Write compelling job opening posts. Where to put up announcements that you need a product design engineer is an entirely different topic in itself. However, the contents of these posts must be effective wherever you place them. Highlight not only the engineering post but also the positive culture of your company.
    Your job post must be succinct. If job seekers can read the entire post in less than a minute, they will likely not skip it. Keep paragraphs short and put job responsibilities and requirements in bullet form. Emphasize what skills and backgrounds the job post needs, and don’t confuse them with attributes that are helpful for the job but not required.
    Make sure to end with a description of what makes working at your company worthwhile. Perks, benefits, career growth opportunities, and inclusive culture: these are just tidbits of information that will make an engineer think harder about sending you a resume.
  • Keep your employer brand in check. Today’s consumers are keen to research first about products and services they want. Engineers you are attracting into your company are just the same. They will ask around if your company is a good one and search for posts about current and previous employees. Companies these days are also vigilant with whatever is said about their reputation, and your organization should follow suit.

Do a Google search of your company’s name online. Subsequently, you will be led to employment-related websites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor. If you chance upon negative reviews, this is your opportunity to clean up your employer brand. Approach the review’s author to correct the situation and apologize for the untoward experience. Consider responding with a public comment to show everyone that the error is recognized, and actions to repair this are underway.
In the case of positive reviews, bank on them. Thank the author for public comment and use the content to your advantage. Post about it on social media, even highlight it on your company website. This way, potential product design engineers will see them as they search the internet for a company to work for.

Make recruitment part of your company’s culture.

Hiring a product design engineer does not have to be the sole effort of your recruitment team. If there are people who could be the most knowledgeable in choosing the incoming product design engineer, it is your employees. The time they have spent within your workforce has given them a clear picture of who will work well with them, both skillswise and culture-wise. Involving the entire organization in the recruitment process also helps build responsibility in maintaining and improving company culture.

To turn recruitment into an intuitive means to empower employees in upholding company culture, take note of these suggestions:

  • Introduce or improve your referral program. Aside from knowledge of what it takes to be part of your company, your employees may have an idea of who within their circle is fit to become their colleagues. A referral program is perfect for allowing your workers to introduce your company to someone close to them. It is also a plus for the potential hire, knowing someone in the organization believes they are the right fit. Make sure to award competitive incentives to successful referees. These employees will also stand as good precedents to others who might know someone who can be hired as a product design engineer.
  • Current employees can write reviews, too. Ask your current employees as well to write reviews about your organization. Allow them to speak their mind, and let them know that the reviews are part of recruitment efforts, to give future engineers reasons to apply for your company. Explain to them that the best ones will get featured online, and be clear that even negative reviews are welcome. Use this as an opportunity to address issues right away and build an even better employer brand.
  • Tag your workers on social media. Social media hiring is all the rage right now, and there is nothing wrong with involving your current employees. You will probably post about your engineer job openings on the company’s social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. Tagging your employees or asking them to share the posts will help the job openings gain traction. On the other hand, employees can remove the tag if they choose not to be involved, especially since most social media accounts are private. However, it still pays to try if they will be willing to help in hiring an engineer.

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